What is Tiki?
Tiki is a powerful Content Management System easy to customize and configure designed to create Portals, community sites, intranets, and general web applications.
You can download Tiki from Sourceforge
Join us!
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Some of the many features in Tiki
  • A wiki system where users can edit pages using a powerful syntax
  • Articles, reviews, topics and user submissions
  • Forums
  • Weblogs
  • Image galleries
  • File galleries
  • Chatrooms
  • FAQs
  • Games
  • Polls
  • Send and receive objects to/from other Tiki sites
  • Powerful permission system with users/groups for all the sections and features
Testing Tiki
  1. Test the wiki following this link
  2. Visit the forums, write a topic or reply to an existing topic if you want
  3. At the images galleries section you can see some images try uploading images
  4. Visit the category browser to test the tiki categorizing system
  5. If you are not logged you can register as a new user and test features available to registered users such as setting user preferences, user bookmarks or configuring modules
  6. If you are curious visit the stats page
  7. The articles section will show a demo article that you can read and comment
  8. If you want to test editing an article or review you can write a submission
  9. From the weblogs section you can create a weblog and test writing to your weblog